Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County

Superior Court of California, San Bernardino County

eDelivery System for Domestic Violence Restraining Order Requests

On this webpage, you have the ability to electronically deliver your Domestic Violence paperwork to the court by the internet and save one trip to the courthouse.

You must still go to the courthouse for your hearing. Restraining orders are not decided over the internet.

To submit your completed Domestic Violence forms to the court and be assigned a hearing date, choose “REQUEST HEARING DATE” below. You will have a few questions to answer and the program will walk you through how to send your papers over the internet.

To find out when to go to court AFTER you send your forms, select “RETRIEVE HEARING DETAILS” to find out when you need to be at court for your restraining order hearing. You will be able to access your hearing information using the special confirmation code you received by sending in the forms from this webpage.

Hearing information will be available by 5pm on the same court day you sent in your paperwork. (Monday through Friday, except Court Holidays)