How do I request copies of police reports related to a juvenile case?

Fill-out a copy of the JV-575 (Petition to Obtain Report of Law Enforcement Agency). Be sure to follow the instructions, and mail the form to:

San Bernardino Juvenile Delinquency Court
ATTN: 827 Petition Desk
900 East Gilbert Street, Bldg. 2
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0942

IMPORTANT: Only forms completed in ink or typed forms with original signatures will be accepted. Forms must be completed in their entirety. If you have any questions about obtaining juvenile court records, please call (909)269-8840

How do I request official transcripts of juvenile delinquency court records? 

Note:  All juvenile records are confidential, and if you do fall under the guidelines of WIC 827, your request may be denied. 

Non-Attorney requests:

Put your request in writing and address the letter to:

San Bernardino Juvenile Court
Attn: Transcript Requests
900 East Gilbert Street, Bldg. 2
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0942

Include the following information:

  • Minor’s full name at time of hearing
  • Case number
  • Minor’s birth date
  • Your relationship to minor
  • The reason you are requesting transcript
  • Specific hearing dates in which your request covers
  • State that you are willing to pay any and all costs of transcription
  • Your full name, address and telephone number

If your parental rights have been terminated, or if you are not a party to the case, your request must be made by filing a Request for Disclosure of a Juvenile Case File. Fill out form JV-570 (Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File) and be sure to complete every section of the form. Also include the minor’s birth date in the "Child’s Name" section.

Once the request has been reviewed, the judge will make a finding, either granting or denying your request. If granted, the Court Reporter will be served with a copy of the order, and will contact you with an estimated cost. All fees for transcripts must be paid to the court reporter in full before the transcript will be prepared. Note: It can take several weeks for a transcript to be prepared.  Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File (Delinquency & Dependency Matters)

When is my next court date?

Contact your attorney or probation officer. If you do not have one, you must come down to the courthouse with photo id.

I had a record when I was a minor. How do I seal my records?

Sealing of juvenile records can be initiated with the San Bernardino County Juvenile Probation Department. You can contact the Juvenile Probation Investigations at (909) 383-2923 for more information on the process and fees to seal juvenile records. They are located at 150 West 5th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415.  See also: Record Sealing 

If I am a minor, how do I appear on a warrant?

Appear at the Juvenile Court where your warrant was issued from or contact your Probation Officer, your Attorney, or turn yourself in at Juvenile Hall.

What courtroom will my hearing be in?

When you arrive, check-in with the clerk at the Juvenile Check-In counter. The clerk will tell you which courtroom the case is assigned to, you cannot enter the courtroom until called by the bailiff.

My child has been arrested. How do I find out information about when they will appear in court?

Contact Juvenile Probation/Central Control at (909) 383-1769

Does my child need an attorney?

Yes. If you do not retain an attorney for your child, one will be appointed at the initial hearing.

My child was arrested. When will they be released?

Depending on the severity of the alleged crime(s), your child may or may not be released back to you. If your child has not been released from custody, you may contact Juvenile Probation/Central Control at (909) 383-1769 for more information.

My child was arrested and released. How will I know when to appear in court?

A Booking Officer will contact you with information on your child’s pending court appearance. You will also receive a "Notice to Appear" in the mail which will detail the date, time, and location of your child’s court appearance.

I received a notice to appear. What if I cannot attend the court date?

You must contact your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, you may call the courthouse the day before your hearing. You may also contact the:

San Bernardino Juvenile Court

900 East Gilbert Street, Bldg. 2
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0942

(909) 269-8840

Victorville Juvenile Court

14455 Civic Drive
Victorville, CA 92392

(760) 245-6215

How much will it cost if my child is arrested?

Costs related to your child’s arrest will vary depending on the amount of damage caused, and the time it takes to reach a resolution. The court could order fines or restitution fees to be paid by the parent’s on behalf of their child.

Where can a minor be held after an arrest?

Upon arrest, minors can be temporarily detained by a local law enforcement agency. Local law enforcement agencies have discretion to release a minor to the custody of their parent(s) or guardian. If the arresting agency chooses not to release a minor, they will be taken to the Juvenile Hall for booking.  If the minor is over the age of 18, they can be held at the County Jail.

Who prosecutes juvenile crimes?

The San Bernardino County District Attorney prosecutes juvenile crimes.

What Happens When A Minor Is Arrested In San Bernardino County?

The San Bernardino County Probation Department provides a web page dedicated to describing what happens when a minor is arrested

You may also find more information on tab “Juvenile 101” located here.