Effective May 06, 2013, the San Bernardino Superior Court expanded the use of Electronically Recorded hearings to include Limited Civil and Misdemeanor Matters. It is statutorily allowable for Traffic, Misdemeanors, Small Claims, Landlord Tenant and Limited Civil to be electronically recorded.

The court intends to provide reporters in Family Law matters where these matters cannot be electronically recorded, however, the parties can “waive” the presence of a reporter. Effective February 27, 2023, the court does not provide reporters in Unlimited Civil and Probate; however, parties may bring their own reporter or waive the presence of a reporter. See our Court Reporters page for more information.

Criminal (Felonies), Juvenile (Dependency & Delinquency), Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS), Domestic Violence and Freedom from Custody (FFC) cannot be electronically recorded and require the presence of a court reporter.

The following are the different types of motions which are not permitted to be recorded: Marsden, Pitchess, Hobb’s, Wheeler, and any in camera hearings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electronic Recording?

Electronic recording is when the courtroom digitally records a hearing and the audio becomes the record.

How do I get a transcript of an electronically recorded hearing?

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