The San Bernardino County Probation Department works toward goals of maintaining an effective balance between the enforcement of laws and court orders and the treatment of the causes of delinquency and criminal conduct. Persons who come under the jurisdiction of our department receive a thorough assessment of their risk to the community and needs to assist them in becoming productive, successful members of our community.

The department supervises and provides case management services for approximately 20,000 adult offenders and 3,500 youthful offenders and an additional 500 youth in our two detention and assessment centers. We oversee the placement of over 200 juveniles in private facilities throughout the state.

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Receiving a Notice from the Probation Department

Read the Notice from Probation carefully. It will probably tell the minor and parent(s) to go to the Probation Department to meet with a probation officer.

Four things can happen at the meeting. The probation officer may:

  1. Lecture the minor and let him or her go home.
  2. Let the minor do a voluntary program instead of going to court. The program could be special classes, counseling, community service, or other activities. If the minor finishes the program, he or she will not have to go to court. The parent may have to sign a contract that says what the minor has to do.
  3. Send the minor home and send the case to the District Attorney. The District Attorney will decide to file a petition (papers that mean that the minor will have to go to court) or not.
  4. Keep the minor detained and send the case to the District Attorney. The District Attorney will then file a petition, usually within two days after the arrest. The minor will have a detention hearing on the next day the court is open. The court is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and court holidays.

Juvenile Hall – Information Phone: (909) 383-1769

Court Locations

San Bernardino Juvenile Delinquency Court

900 E. Gilbert St., Building 2
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0942
Phone: (909) 269-8840
Fax: (909) 269-8859

Victorville Juvenile Delinquency Court

14455 Civic Drive Ste 200
Victorville, CA 92392
Phone: (760) 245-6215
Fax: (760) 269-4842