Records Search/Requests

The Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino Juvenile Court limits access to juvenile court records in accordance with California Rule of Court 5.552, and Welfare and Institution Code section 827.

Availability of these records is restricted to certain court personnel, the minor, parents or guardian, attorneys involved in the case, and other persons designated by the Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court. Photo identification is required.

Other interested persons and the news media may petition the San Bernardino County Juvenile Court for access to specific juvenile court records or to attend specific juvenile court hearings.

Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File Form and Proof of Service-Request for Disclosure (WIC Section 827). There is no charge for the forms or they are available online.  

The completed Request for Disclosure and Proof of Service-Request for Disclosure forms can be mailed to the above address or delivered to Juvenile Court. The attorneys involved in the Juvenile Court case will be notified and given an opportunity to respond to the petition. If an objection is received regarding the release of the information requested, the court will set the petition for a hearing.

If no objection is received, after reviewing the “Request”, the Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court will either grant or deny the request. The party that requested the records is then notified and can make arrangements to come in and view the file. Copies are available for a fee, and if you need the documents certified, there is an additional fee. The court does not charge the minor for copies of their own file. Juvenile court records may not be obtained or inspected by civil or criminal subpoena.